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Thank you for your interest in ordering Simply Sweet Caroline’s. Custom orders are currently being accepted for November 2023. While I am completed booked for custom orders in September, October, and December 2023, I am planning to have a Halloween Presale, 1989 (Taylor's Version) Flash Sale, Thanksgiving Presale, and Holiday Presale. Join the email list to stay in the loop on launch days!

Custom Sugar Cookie Pricing

  • Custom sugar cookies start at $65 per dozen and there is a 1 dozen minimum. 

  • Mini custom sugar cookies (1.5-2.5 inches depending on shape) start at $40 per dozen and there is a 2 dozen minimum. Mini cookies are a great addition to any order. Due to the size, they will have less detail than standard sized cookies.

  • Sets that include extra detailing such as florals or metallics, like gold, silver, rose gold, or copper, will be an additional $10 per dozen. This kind of extra detailing is not able to be used on mini filler cookies.

  • Simply Small Cookies are mini filler cookies (2 inch circles) in a solid icing color that match one of your custom order's colors. These do not have any detail but are a great addition to your customized sets.  Simply Small Cookies are $24 per dozen and there is a 1 dozen minimum.

Please note, I cannot accept any character cookie requests, for example, Paw Patrol, Toy Story, Disney Princesses, Sesame Street, Fortnite, Cocomelon, etc.

Simply Sweet Caroline's is a registered cottage food operation. These products are produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens.

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I love showing the cookie decorating process on social media! If your order is a top secret surprise, please let me know and I will keep these off social media until after your event.

Thanks for submitting your order inquiry! We will be in touch within 48 hours.

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