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Hanukkah, Christmas decorated vanilla sugar cookies. Paint your own decorated sugar cookie activity kit, Taylor Swift decorated sugar cookies.


So Good! So Good! So Good!

Simply Sweet Caroline's is located in the Lakeshore East neighborhood in downtown Chicago and is known for custom decorated sugar cookies and seasonal presales.

Custom Sugar Cookie Pricing

  • Custom sugar cookies start at $65 per dozen and there is a 1 dozen minimum. 

  • Mini custom sugar cookies (1.5-2.5 inches depending on shape) start at $40 per dozen and there is a 2 dozen minimum. Mini cookies are a great addition to any order. Due to the size, they will have less detail than standard sized cookies.

  • Sets that include extra detailing such as florals or metallics, like gold, silver, rose gold, or copper, will be an additional $10 per dozen. This kind of extra detailing is not able to be used on 'Simply Small Cookies'.

  • Simply Small Cookies are mini filler cookies (2 inch circles) in a solid icing color that match one of your custom order's colors. These do not have any detail but are a great addition to your customized sets.  Simply Small Cookies are $24 per dozen and there is a 1 dozen minimum.

Seasonal Presales

Check out the Holiday Presale page to see current offerings and pricing.

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